MSD Sponsors PyConCZ 2016



PyCon CZ aims to be the largest annual gathering for the Python community in the Czech Republic, focused on people who are teaching, learning and innovating with Python. PyCon CZ is produced and underwritten by Pyvec (občanské sdružení, Civic Association, est. 2012). This year’s event took place on October 28 – 30 at the Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Informatics Campus.

MSD IT was proud silver sponsor of PyCon, and also sponsored student tickets for PyLadies course attendees. Two MSD colleagues presented at the October event. Peter Hozák from the Scientific Computing team led the Rosalind Workshop, an introduction to bioinformatics. Veronika Gabrielová from the Cloud Platform Engineering team talked about how to build a community and teach beginners Python and programming.

The most applauded presentation, “Humanizing Among Coders”, was delivered by Ana Balica. She talked about importance of improving communication skills. The first situation mentioned was all too familiar to technically skilled developers – writing a GitHub pull request comment to a beginner contributor.

A response that looks short and to the point to the commenter can be very frustrating and unfriendly to newcomers. In an “alternate universe” presented, the commenter invested more time to make their answer more welcoming and explained the whys and hows of things that needed to be changed. Although, when people don’t have time for helpful communication, they need to be honest about it.

In another useful situation in the “alternate universe”, people stopped playing the blaming game in post mortem analyses and focused on finding a remedy for the future.

A video recording of this talk as well as many other interesting ones will be available later this year on the official site.


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