3rd Happiness@Work Conference. Does Happiness@Work exist?


MSD IT Hub in Prague was a gold partner of 3rd Happiness@Work Conference. Why? Because Happiness of our people matters. BUT there is no such a thing as Happiness@Work! Or is there?

Thanks to Monika Hilm and Michal Šrajer, the organizers of the Conference, we met 350 HRs, Managers, CEOs, professional experts, Psychologists, Scientists and anyone passionate about the topic.

Speakers with scientific, psychologic and business background spoke about what is happiness and what we can do to increase it for us and our employees overall. There is only one happiness and it impacts us in every aspect of our life including work. We could go deeper into the purpose of work and life, where it is coming from, how we can challenge and understand ourselves better hence be happier.

Conference was followed up by set of workshops where we could practice what we learned. The most successful workshops I found mindfulness and heatfulness and Positive Psychology session.

There are many things we already have or practice at our company such as clear purpose, rewarding system by peers and Managers, opportunity to learn new things and challenge ourselves.

The motto I took away from the Conference was Love what you do! as there is no activity or role we could not love. It is about our decision and will to find a purpose.

Working at the company like MSD where purpose is very clear I am sure we will have no difficulties to be happy. Only happy employee can make our customers happy and in our case save lives.

Are you ready to save lives with me?

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