Another 15 React Developers Are Among Us


How is that?
At the end of last year we run JavaScript Code Academy. It consisted of 9 evening sessions, where we took participants from basic building blocks of React to fully working application and guided them through all the traps and pitfalls JavaScript world lurk them in. After that we organized a hackathon where we focused on training everything what developers had learned in teams together with their tutors.

How it went?
We started with 40 attendees and finished with excellent result of 15 great React developers who showed their acquired knowledge during the whole evening hackathon. Participants included our internal MSD employees as well as public ones. This could not happened without our very own coaches from Prague MSD JS community – Thank you guys so much for great preparations and excellent work during lessons.

Why we do it?
We believe in giving back to the community. We are a group of people who would like to see even more junior/senior developers to start using React.

“What we highly appreciate from employer branding perspective, is the great opportunity for attendees to meet our coding heroes informally, get to know a bit more about company culture or simply hang out after working hours. We, in MSD highly support education of anyone who is interested to learn something new.”, says Tereza Vesela, MSD Community Coordinator.

What next?
Our community is already working on a code academy for kids and we are looking forward to the next MSD.js React academy later this year. Stay tuned!

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