Another AWSome evening in MSD IT


Our Prague IT hub hosted its 3rd regular meetup of the AWS User Group Community. This community was organized to bring together expert AWS users, developers and operations engineers to promote knowledge sharing and expertise. During this session, attendees were able to learn more about how Big Data is handled at Yieldigo, a SaaS Company which analyzes prices from e-shops and other sources. Its CTO, Jiri Psota, described how Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, and Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL), are being used to analyze data.

Vladimir Simek, a Solution Architect from Amazon, spoke next and talked about a container technology in the pipeline called Amazon EKS. This service is still in development, but should be released later in 2018. Vladimir started by introducing us to Kubernetes, and then moved on to describing the Elastic Container Service and EKS. Each EKS has three Kubernetes Masters managed by Amazon in three different datacenters and an “unlimited” number of Kubernetes workers running Docker containers. He even gave a live demonstration showing how to build an EKS cluster.

It was a great event and we are looking forward to welcoming the community again soon!

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