API meetup at MSD


We had a wonderful evening on November 21st when over 40 people came to the API meetup to listen to our experts.  Ivan Novakov kicked off the event by sharing his views on API as a product. Ivan described why it is important to treat APIs as a „first class“ component in our modern digital age and how to start thinking about the API itself as a product.

Then our attendees got to hear how Milton Caranza bought his property using APIs. Milton‘s objective was to buy a property that would satisfy or exceed his needs while staying within his budget. He was able to do this by leveraging several APIs that collected data about public transport, traffic, noise, and the properties themselves. This helped him to make a data driven decision that would both support the usual things realtors tell you about a neighborhood, and to discover things they don’t.

The API meetup is one of many that MSD hosts in Prague where our people share their knowledge and experience with external and internal experts. If you are interested in joining us feel free to check our website or eventbrite.com.

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