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Our company partnered with and hosted the Machine Learning Conference in Prague to showcase trends in artificial intelligence.


Machines can learn… incredibly fast… faster than humans. They are getting smarter and smarter every day. They are already changing our world, business and life. The Machine Learning Conference, held in Prague on April 23 – 24, used those words to invite all people who are interested in applications of modern trends in artificial intelligence. We did not miss this chance to learn about progression and share our own experience and knowledge.

The Machine Learning weekend started with a full day conference. It was not just another academic conference for sure. There were many respected professionals and machine learning practitioners from the Czech Republic, UK, USA, Russia and Germany. MSD was represented by Matthew Tudor a Principal Scientist from the USA. Matt specializes in high-throughput biology, analysis in drug discovery and development. His “Learning Representations for Drug Discovery” described how machine learning can help to predict possible treatments for new indications, as well as group drugs and drugs candidates based on their on- and off-target activities.

During the breaks, participants played Mindball – a game that goes against the conventional competitive concept. Instead of activity and adrenaline, it is focused attention that marks the truly successful Mindball player. The goal is to be more focused and to some extent relax more than your opponent and thus move a physical ball away from you into the opponent’s goal.

On Sunday, the Machine Learning weekend concluded with a series of workshops at our Riverview building. We hosted around 100 people who split into two groups to go through four topics:
• Machine learning done in Azure
• RC-Rank tool developed in the Seznam (a Czech based company)
• How to analyze text using machine learning
• Getting insight into data via machine learning API
The workshops were practical. For example, during the workshop from Microsoft, participants were training their own model for prediction by dragging and dropping prepared blocks of action in the Azure Studio tool, without writing any code at all.

Sarka Strossova, the conference owner, thanked MSD for our partnership in and hosting the event, “The planning of a conference is always paved with some difficulties; choosing the right partners can reduce this risk to minimum. I would like to thank your company for agreeing to host the Sunday workshops in your premises. We also enjoyed working with your people – we received many positive comments and feedback from our guests. It was a pleasure to spend Sunday in your office building. Your people were very helpful, the equipment you have at Riverview was of a top level and that view of Prague and the river – simply lovely!”

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