Code Academy for Kids – 2nd Semester Graduation


December 20th marked the second semester conclusion for the Code Academy for Kids. Over 40 employees´ kids  attended a 15-lesson course to enhance their skills in coding, robotics, team work, and analytical thinking. Our colleagues designed the course to help young programmers with their computer bugs and motivated them throughout the process.

There were three courses total – basic courses in Czech and English and an advanced course in Czech. In the basic course, the kids learned how to write commands and basic programs for Ozobots – robots that help children develop logical and creative thinking. Also, they used Scratch – a programming language for kids – to apply their creativity and design their own stories and games.

The advanced course showcased how to create more complex games in Scratch and even offered a 3D- printing lesson which allowed the kids to design and print their own toys. All of the courses included a cyber security lesson to highlight the dangers of today’s online world and teach kids how to protect themselves against threats.

Given the success of this course, we are looking forward to more Code Academy for Kids lessons in 2019.

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