Code Retreat


Last week Prague MSD JS community organised first Code Retreat at MSD IT Hub for internal developers.

What is Code Retreat about?

The idea of Code Retreat is to practice fundamentals of software development. The developers work in pairs, on every session they work with a different colleague but they solve the same problem over and over again.

How was our Code Retreat?

On every session there were some constraints regarding the code or the way of working. On our event there were three sessions and the constraints included avoiding loops or staying silent and communicating only through code.

The event gave the participants a chance to discover how others approach programming challenges. It was also a fun way to cooperate with colleagues from various teams.

As one of the participants summarised the Code Retreat:

“I had a great time meeting developers willing to learn, improve and also share their knowledge with others.”

As the event was successful, we would like to organise another Code Retreat at MSD in the near future!


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