Code Retreat


In May Prague MSD JS community organised the second Code Retreat for internal developers.

What is Code Retreat about?

The idea of Code Retreat is to practice fundamentals of software development. This time we changed one of the Code Retreat concepts – instead of working a few times on the same challenge again with different restrictions, the participants could select from three different tasks.

How was our Code Retreat?

There were two sessions, each 45 minutes long. During each session developers worked in pairs. The pairs could select to work on calculator, chatbot or array operations. For each task there were basic JavaScript boilerplates ready. The participants could choose to use them or to set up their own environment. Some of the developers were programming in different languages, especially Swift and Java.

In the half of every session some constrains were introduced. Each pair could choose which restrictions they wanted to implement. Constrains included switching keyboard every 1 minute, staying silent or avoiding loops or variables.

The participants appreciated a chance to work with colleagues from different teams in an informal atmosphere.

One of the participants summarised the Code Retreat in a following way:

It was really funny and offer lot of learnings. Also the collaboration and team-building part of the exercise was great. 

As we received very positive feedback from the participants, we would like to organise another Code Retreat at MSD soon!



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