Code Retreat Meet-Up


Last week, our developers’ community organized the second Code Retreat which was open to the public. It was attended by both external developers and our colleagues from MSD.

Code Retreat is a workshop where participants have an opportunity to practice the fundamentals of software development. The goal of the event is to practice writing clean code, get focused on tests, and try to refactor the code.

There were three sessions, each 40 minutes long. During each session developers worked in pairs. The pairs could select to work on a classic Code Retreat task, Game of Life, or array operations. For each task there were basic boilerplates ready in JavaScript, Java and Swift. The participants could use them or to set up their own local environment. Some of the developers were programming in different languages such as Python or C#.

During the sessions some constrains were introduced. Each pair could choose which restrictions they wanted to implement. Constrains were of different kinds; for example, one person was only writing the tests and the other only the code or the pairs were avoiding using loops. Some pairs tried not to use a mouse or a touchpad and it was considered the funniest challenge.

The participants enjoyed an opportunity to learn new things, experience a friendly atmosphere, and receive support from the coaches.

We look forward to organizing another workshop like this in the near future!

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