Containers Meet Up


For more than a year, our Prague IT hub has supported external tech meetups and communities, so that our employees have an opportunity to meet experts in their field and actively participate.

On October 31, 30 people attended the Prague Containers Meetup in our Riverview building for the fourth time! This session was focused on container images, registry, and related tools and processes. The speakers reviewed the basics of registries, image security, and related security topics, such as automated CVE scans.

Docker and containerization, in general, is a very popular and new trend which competes with traditional solutions such as virtual machines. Docker Image is the basic containerization concept – it’s a collection of all dependencies that are necessary to run an app inside a container. Since the technology is new and emerging, best practices, and overall process guidelines for image management are still in its infancy.

In a talk presented by Mira Hedl on behalf of MSD’s DevOps Stack team, he presented the current shortcomings and ways those shortcomings can be remedied, based on three years of hands-on experience. His talk also covered Docker Image governance and an end-to-end example of a non-trivial process that is being currently implemented globally in MSD. Meetup participants left with concrete knowledge how to create a process that is dependable, secure and compliant, while at the same time very simple for Docker Image creators to follow.

Would you like to be part of it as well? Then check our “Where can you meet us?” section!

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