Digital Health Curriculum at MSD IT


Our company organized an eight-day curriculum on digital health held at our premises during March 12 to 22. It was conducted by Dr. Jan Novotny who is a certified surgeon, senior lecturer, professional and consultant in Business IT, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Medicine and Medical Devices.


The curriculum covered an overview of the Digital Health Landscape, with a focus on topics in life science, medicine, technology and business. It aimed to provide participants with the aptitude to:
• Define problems, structure them, prioritize and analyze issues, synthesize and propose solutions in the areas of digital health and digital medicine
• Identify the scientific methods, techniques, processes and practices for value creation inside a working team and liaison with internal and external counterparts
• Apply the principles, concepts, theories, rules and ideas learned in the course to practical effective problem solving individually and in a team environment
• Comply with the multiple regulatory, privacy, compliance and legal requirements of the digital health landscape
• Research, analyze, structure, produce and present current research problem statement into a position paper at the associate level of mid-tier consulting company


Apart from our employees there were also 12 students from local universities we have been cooperating with.


A graduation ceremony was held on March 22 and instead of a certificate all participants were given a stethoscope and a reference book signed by Dr. Jan Novotny to encourage them to advance further into the subjects covered in the curriculum. The ceremony was followed by a networking session for all invited guests and participants.


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