Everyone Matters


At MSD, global diversity and inclusion (D&I) drives our business by breaking down barriers and changing mindsets so we can unleash the powerful potential of all of us. As we continue our journey, our company attracts and retains the world’s top, diverse employees who have a passion for applying the best science to develop medicines and vaccines that save and improve lives.

MSD runs enhancing talent management and learning and development initiatives to ensure an inclusive environment for all employees. Diversity & Inclusion has also an external impact, it is a significant influencing factor of the corporate reputation. Corporate reputation is an extremely asset to any organization. Effective D&I can impact how the employees think about an organization which can also affect what external audiences perceive. If both viewpoints are positive, this can lead to a favorable reputation.

Did you know that diverse and inclusive companies also deliver more revenue?



…and one more interesting fact:

when employees think their organization is highly committed to, and supportive of diversity, and they feel highly included, then they are 80% more likely to agree that they work in a high performing organization…”
(Source: https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/au/Documents/human-capital/deloitte-au-hc-diversity-inclusion-soup-0513.pdf)


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