HIV Awareness Day in Prague


The first day of December is known to be a World AIDS Day, when world unites to raise awareness of the HIV and shows support for people affected by the virus. MSD Rainbow Alliance held  the HIV Awareness Day in Prague. Event could not happen without tight cooperation with our Global Human Health division.

For the occasion, over a hundred colleagues gathered to learn from Gabriele Grom (Global Human Health CEE Region lead) and Stefano Santangelo (Global Human Health Czech Republic lead) insights about our company’s commitment to treat HIV for more than 30 years. Furthermore they shared what such commitment means to them.

Next speaker, MUDr. David Jilich, Vice-Chief of the HIV Centre in Bulovka hospital, educated the audience about the virus itself, the trends in spreading and dealing with the disease. His insights helped everyone to understand the current situation and future of curing HIV. Moreover he highlighted the importance of focusing on curing such a disease.

Afterwards, Alena Kloučková from Czech AIDS Help Society Company NGO, spoke about the disease from different and much more touching point of view. She kindly shared with us her story of life with HIV. She pointed out that even now when there exists a treatment for HIV, it is still important to spread awareness of prevention and fighting against stigmas associated with HIV infected people.

Big thanks to our speakers and everybody involved in organization of the event.

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