How was the first year of the Emerging Talent Rotational (ETR) Program?


The first year of our ETR Program is finished and we asked our participants about their experience, their projects and how they liked the start of their journey at MSD IT.


What were the projects our participants have worked on?

“I worked on multiple projects ranging from knowledge gathering and creating a new knowledge-share portal, through testing development to experimenting with novel machine learning concepts applied into pharma-related problems and hard-core bio-informatics genome sequencing and analyzing,” says Matej.

Another participant, Cem, was part of Manufacturing Divisions Applications Mapping, Research Laboratories Applications related IT Service Management activities and other projects.

And what was the best so far in the program according to our ETRs?

“The ETR program has given me endless opportunities to meet leaders from all around the company and absorb learning opportunities. It has also given me the unique chance to see different approaches of different teams and it has given me perspective to find my ideal position”, shares Matej.

Monika confirms that while thinking about her second rotation she couldn’t forget her fascination by 3D printing technology. She asked some people and since February she has joined the 3D Printing Technology Team and has been relocated to Ballydine, Ireland and afterwards to Rahway, New Jersey. This company proved several times that even the craziest desires can come true.

As Cem concludes the best part of the program is collaborating with very knowledgeable colleagues and leveraging their experiences with room for creativity while applying the learned knowledge.


Are you curious about the program? Would you like to be part of this program? If so, please read more HERE.


And do not forget, we are looking for new ETRs and the last day to apply is March 31, 2019.


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How was the first year of the Emerging Talent Rotational (ETR) Program?
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