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I grew up in a big city in the Middle East where my country was at war with our neighbors for the first 8 years of my life. I never had a chance to go out play with other kids on the streets, but we used to have fun running to the roof during blackouts watching fighter planes strike, without realizing what was really going on. We were little kids and didn’t care about why they were outside – we just wanted to see planes. Then I spent four years of my life studying in the part of an island that wasn’t even internationally recognized as a country because it had been politically split in half for over a decade. I have lived in Prague for the past 10 years in the heart of Europe and I manage an amazing team which consists of 8 different nationalities, all different than mine. I have friends and family literally all over the world and that makes me see that people are the same no matter where you come from, where you grow up, or where you live. We are all humans.

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