Humans of MSD – Arcan


Moving to Prague was an easy decision for me. People would say I am brave, but I was ready to move out of Turkey. When I first heard about Prague IT Hub idea, I was already working in MSD for about 5 years. I asked my wife who was pregnant at that time, what would she think of moving to Prague and she was ok with it. Then the Prague IT Hub got opened and we already had our baby.

Surprisingly, she was ok with the move even then. We had never been in Prague before we decided to move.  I think, it is important to find the balance between carpe diem and planning for the future.

Before the relocation, Turkish HR was running this letter initiative. They had asked us to write down a letter to our future us, they would deliver the letter in one year time. I opened the letter, while I was already in Prague. The letter had a long list of concerns about the move, my career and so. While I do not have many of the listed concerns, there are some new ones, such as how I will help my child when he starts a Czech school, if I just understand but do not speak the language.  I want to remind myself all the time that, it is important to balance any concerns and not to forget to enjoy the moment as well. I am trying to follow and apply “be brave” and “change is always good”.

I am happy to be in Prague and remind that to myself every day for last three years.

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