Humans of MSD – Jussi


I have two homes now: here in Prague and my “home-home” in the middle of Finland in a town called Seinäjoki. It’s a small town where not much happens and almost everyone knows each other. When I moved to study and work in a bigger city in Finland, I was happy to experience a much busier, real city, environment. But compared to Prague it wasn’t a real city after all. I find Prague to be the perfect city for me right now. It’s full of life, has lots of things to do, and most importantly my favorite bands come here to play.

Before coming here I was working for an IT company in Finland. Then one fateful day when I returned from my vacation in Prague, they announced that our site would be closed — laying off about a thousand skilled IT professionals…including me!  So I decided to look for a new job abroad. Since Prague stole my heart during that vacation, it was my number one choice. I found an interesting position at MSD in Prague, and decided to apply. Then I received a call the very next day and the first question was: “You are from Finland?” Followed by: “You do realize that you have applied for a position in Prague? Why do you want to move?”

Apparently I was able to answer these, and other questions correctly and things were progressing, but then the position was put on hold. I had almost given up hope on getting the job but then out of nowhere I got an email with a single question: “Are you able to start on January 12th?” After a quick check on my empty calendar I replied that I am free, and I was told that I am expected to meet my team in  Prague on that day. It is now over three years since I joined our company. It was a good email.

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