Humans of MSD – Martin


On the plane returning from our first vacation to Scotland, my then girlfriend asked me when are we coming back. We fell in love with the castles, the nature, and the quality of local produce. Therefore, we try to go back to Scotland every six months for at least a short vacation. Last year, we managed to visit this beautiful country twice – once in June on the way back from the Faroe Islands, and then in November. That was also the time I proposed we get married – and she said “Yes!”  Although the wedding ceremony will be in Prague, we’re trying to incorporate our common interests and love for Scotland into the theme. We visited a few wedding shows to get some inspiration and to find out what are all the things we should consider while planning. We were often asked if we had already booked this and that and the to-do list is never-ending. I shall wear my custom-tailored kilt for the ceremony, but I am conservative in my wardrobe choices for these events so the vendors take me more seriously. We will have a beautiful October wedding.

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