Humans of MSD – Mary-Ann


People tell me, that I am too optimistic. I prefer to say that I live my life to its fullest. The other day I was in a discussion with a few colleagues and they were complaining a lot about various things. I told them to go to developing countries to see how life can be different to what we have here. I think it is important to face problems and deal with them. There is no need to cry or be upset about things if you can live a positive life to the fullest no matter what you do. I am from the Philippines where even getting an education is a privilege and not a right. While there are public schools, the best education is still received at private schools. I am the youngest child of my family, which was poor. My parents would always tell us that the only thing they could give us is our education. I studied what I was good at –math and engineering – to get a scholarship. It was not about having a passion for it, at first. Luckily, my elder siblings were my role models. I could see what they had achieved and could always tell myself that if they could do it, I can too. I promote encouraging what people are good at, and at the same time, have a passion for. Some people view problems and challenges to be life’s roadblocks. I see those as life’s opportunities. Opportunities for me to know myself, and become a better, stronger person. A part of who I am today is a result of the problems I’ve faced, the challenges I’ve embraced, and the decisions I’ve made in the past.

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