It’s Time to Give Back!


This year, as in previous ones, we were involved in the Giving Tuesday initiative. For those who don’t know, Giving Tuesday is a global movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the holiday season. Thus, the last Tuesday of November is a day of giving whatever you want. We have decided to give our time.

On Tuesday, 27th November, more than 60 of our colleagues used their volunteering hours and provided help where it was needed.  They supported NGO Modry klic, where they were helping with creating new promotional material as well as gardening, planting trees and bushes, and turning compost. Another group of volunteers went to NGO Nautis and Pasparta publishing house where they were cleaning and sorting out the archive. NGO Boruvka used our volunteers during the Christmas Markets to sell products made by people with disabilities. One team made their own Giving Tuesday a week before and went to Luzicke hory to help with cleaning and preparing their mountain lodge for the new season. The rest of our colleagues visited several NGOs to clean windows, accompany veterans, or do housekeeping.

Giving Tuesday is an initiative which is organized once per year. The most important part of this day is the positive impact which brings more people who want to help. We´ve received many requests from our colleagues to volunteer in December and even in January. It is nice to see that helping each other is not limited to only one day but works continuously.

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