LinuxDays in Prague


During the first weekend of October, the Czech Technical University in Prague hosted one of the biggest open-source events in the Czech Republic. The LinuxDays conference took place at the Faculty of Information Technologies and was organized by the community of Czech Linux users and developers. More than 1200 visitors registered for the 7th annual conference and had a chance to attend various talks, workshops, booths, electronics ham-shack and much more. The talks were offered in both Czech and English and there was online streaming available for those who could not attend in person. The topics included areas such as processor errors, email security, proprietary server development, and AVR bootloaders.

Our GIO Unix/Linux team presented on the topic of “Surviving in the World of Holes” which offered an insight into the vulnerability management, patching strategy, and global corporate challenges. The content covered vulnerability statistics and proactive/reactive approach examples, as well as introduced the U.S. National Vulnerability Database system. This exhibition was a great opportunity to celebrate the Cybersecurity Awareness Month and inform the community about our company engagement.

In addition to the GIO Unix/Linux team´s presentation, our Prague hub was also represented by Daniel Veltrusky who led a workshop focused on managing IoT through Firmata.

The atmosphere of the whole conference was very friendly and inspiring, and we are honored to have contributed to its success.

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LinuxDays in Prague
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