MBA Students from US visited our IT Hub


Students from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota visited MSD IT Hub for half of a day to learn more about MSD, IT and the pharmaceutical industry.


Almost 30 students from the University of St.Thomas, Minnesota came to Prague on September 17 to learn more about the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The University of St. Thomas is Minnesota’s largest private university, with approximately 10,000 students from 50 states and 63 countries. It has metropolitan campuses in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Rome, Italy. MSD was one of the companies in the Czech Republic where they spent a half of the day.

The students began their experience in our IT Hub with introduction to MSD, the pharmaceutical industry in general and finally with MSD IT. One of our directors explained  why the Hub exists and what we are working on. The students had many questions for him to answer. After the presentation students went on a short tour through our building to see our innovative working environment. Following the tour, the students attended three workshops about UX design, Big Data and Digital Marketing.

Before they left the Hub, students stepped out to our beautiful terrace where they could enjoy a beautiful view of Prague’s City Center and take a few selfies of course!

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