MSD at Dev Fest


Last week, we participated in the annual Dev Fest, a large event focused on software development (web apps, mobile apps, IoT, VR, AR, big data, AI, etc.). Dev Fest was a two-day gathering starting with workshops and followed by a conference. The Prague hub hosted a workshop called “Code Retreat” which implemented different tasks and tried new approaches to programming. The 30 participants appreciated an opportunity to cooperate with and learn from different programmers, write tests, and try out new programming languages in a friendly, collaborative atmosphere.

The second day featured a conference where Prague showcased a booth with some brain challenges for participants to test their sensorium through a mathematical problem, soup of letters, or finding mistakes in the code. As the theme of the conference was “Middle-Age,” we found the oldest code that was used for interviews. Some of the participants were really surprised to see such an old code, but when they realized it was part of the fun they laughed and tried to find as many mistakes as they could. All in all, it was a successful turnout and we are looking forward to the next season of conferences.

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