MSD Code Academy


10 weeks, 80 registrations, 40 students

This Thursday started second round of MSD Code Academy.  10 week – course focusing on programming in React – famous JavaScript framework. In total we’ve received around 80 registrations but from that number, we were able to accept only 40 students due to a limited capacity of ours and our fellow mentors. Veronika Gabrielová did an outstanding job with organizing because 39 people arrived to our first lesson where we started with basic JavaScript concepts as a foundation for the rest of the course.

We would like to thank to our first speaker, Peter Hozak for a great introduction to JavaScript and we are looking forward to the next lesson where we start with React by comparing it to the plain “vanilla” JavaScript. Big thanks goes also to the rest of mentors who helped us answering students´ questions and who will prepare the rest of our lectures.

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