MSD Employees Becoming First Aid Professionals


Did you know that there are around a 100 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Prague and that three of them are in our Prague Hub offices?  They’re surprisingly easy to use, but increasing awareness of how to operate these life saving devices is as important their availability. So in addition to our regular First-Aid training, we’re instructing our colleagues to become proficient with defibrillators too.

As of last year, there were almost 200 situations that required use of AEDs in Prague and in the vast majority of these cases the defibrillators were handled by paramedics or policemen. This training helped the attendees understand how the device works, gave step-by-step usage instructions, and advised them about safety measures when using the AED. Knowing what to do before paramedics arrive could save someone’s life someday so the primary goal of the session was to build confidence in working with the AED.

Nearly a hundred employees took this comprehensive training given at our offices and now are qualified to step in during emergencies that require use of an AED machine.

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