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On 7th February Jiri Stovicek from MSD led a workshop focused on start-ups, career and personal growth. The event belonged to a program called Data-Driven Changemakers, hosted by CERGE-EI institute in Prague. The audience consisted of bright students from all parts of the world, from South Africa to Afghanistan.

“When people come to you after the workshop to discuss ideas they are passionate about, then you know you hit the bull’s eye.” says Jiri and adds “The students recharged my batteries and they keep doing it by sending me a positive feedback, asking for personal meetings and connecting me on LinkedIn.” And who knows; maybe they will be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

And what the future “Bills” and “Steves” said?

“I enjoyed the workshop as it was more conversational and engaging, and I liked the fact that you were real with us – you did not try to sugarcoat reality. For me the highlight is that most successful entrepreneurs did not look like they are entrepreneurs at the beginning and also that we should just start no matter what the critics say.” –Iggy, South Africa

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