MSD IT Hosted Young Talents


Every April, there is the opportunity for young ladies to visit technical companies who participate in an events called Girls Day. Because we realized last year it was really successful event, this year we opened our doors again on April 27 and hosted 10 ladies from different secondary schools.

Our day started with a presentation of our company followed by motivational talks by our female employees. Our ladies shared their experience and wanted to motivate all participants to study not just IT itself, but in general do what they liked.

After those talks, we took them on a tour to show them not just our building but also several teams they might be interested in. The first stop was at User Experience (UX) lab where ladies could see how the research was done and how important it was to ask the correct questions. Then, we continued to learn about the different channels and tools used in digital marketing, and the last stop was dedicated to one of the projects from the Structured Experiments team.

After lunch, we prepared a coding workshop where ladies could learn how to program in the Ruby on Rails language or where to find interesting information about coding.

The last section of the day focused on motivation and self reflection. Ladies were asked to think about what they liked, what they would like to do or what was the biggest obstacle in their lives. By this short exercise, they could realize what they really wanted to do and how they could reach it.

To sum it up – our goal was to introduce our company and try to motivate those young ladies that to work for an IT company doesn´t always mean you need to be a programmer. We received very positive feedback, so in my opinion, our mission was successfully accomplished!

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MSD IT Hosted Young Talents
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