MSD Office Five Received an Employee Friendly Award!


MSD Office Five received an Employee Friendly Award at the Offices of the Year, held on 22 February 2018 in Prague.

The goal of the contest is to value companies that invest in their human resources through the work environment and thereby present them as an attractive employer for prospective employees.

At the same time, the competition aims to highlight the importance of enhancing the work environment and to encourage employers to pay attention to this issue.

The Office Five, our new MSD building in Prague, opened in May 2017. We used our know-how and experience to create an entirely new work space concept: a city-like building concept. Each of the building’s five floors includes a central meeting point – a square. Much like a city, Office Five also pays attention to quiet zones, resting places and informal meeting spaces. A large backyard is available for employees to use. The building interior contains creative rooms and re-focus areas, where people can play table-soccer, darts, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee – unless they prefer to do that in the central cafeteria.

For larger gatherings of formal character there is a conference room with 180 person capacity in theater seating. The room is fully equipped and includes a high quality projector and audiovisual technology.

Since the beginning, Office FIVE was intended as a space that would allow very easy collaboration for its teams – a space that would be flexible and change according to the expectations of the people, support them in their needs, and provide them with an above-standard work space comfort.

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