Our Center Experienced a #GivingTuesday for the first time


„It was the perfect start to the holiday season. Thank you for this opportunity!“

-Serena Conway Straub, volunteer at Nadani a dovednosti


This year we joined our US colleagues in the charitable initiative #GivingTuesday and on December 1st, more than thirty of us participated in a #GivingTuesday charity project, our initiative to support non-profit organisations.

“We had a great day with kindergarten kids who suffer from difficult family situations or stay in Asylum houses. We helped to clean the rooms for Christmas. We washed the windows and cleaned the whole place. One of our colleagues then came up with the idea of leaving some sweet surprise for the kids,” says Štěpán Malý, who experienced his #GivingTuesday together with his colleagues.

Ondřej Skřehota visited the Maturus organisation to help them develop digital strategy and communications. Maturus does community work in the area of graphics. “We went through the current product and offerings and discussed possible new opportunities that could bring more business. We’ve identified digital channels as really important. We’ve concluded that new company web would make everything much easier – so we just kicked that off. After two hours we had CMS set up and basic structure agreed. My colleague engaged with guys at the University of Economics and the day after we’re meeting a volunteer that will finish their new great web,” Ondřej described what he and his colleague did at Maturus.



We selected such organisations that allowed us to participate and help a good thing:

Maturus – graphic studio employing also handicapped people

Smíšek – kindergarten helping children with social integration

Nadání a dovednosti (skills and capabilities) – NGO helping kids from community homes seeking employment

Dům dětí a mládeže Praha – leisure time activities

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