Our Colleagues Bled for a Good Cause


Doctors and nurses from the Military University Hospital came to us once again, after their last visit ten months ago.

This time, we had 54 brave volunteers ready to give away their most precious gift ‒ blood. Nurses worked five hours straight while working with up to four donors at the same time. Most of the attendees were first-timers, who showed a lot of courage and faced this new challenge.

The average amount of the blood taken is around 480ml, which left some of our volunteers a little dizzy, but the fresh fruit and amazing cakes saved the situation and everybody recovered perfectly.

In total, MSD employees donated around 25 litres of blood that will be stored in the hospital and used in emergency situations. Thanks to everybody involved for their bravery and the time they invested to save lives!

We look forward to doing this again soon.

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