Ozobot Workshop at Smichov Library


Prague MSD employees´ children have the opportunity to learn how to code in the Code Academy for Kids, an MSD-sponsored 15-lesson course teaching kids how to create their own video games and animations, code little robots called Ozobots, and basics of 3D printing.

We all know how important it is to give back to the community, so the Code Academy for Kids coaches have decided to share coding knowledge with local kids in Smíchov, where the MSD buildings are locaded. On February 6, the coaches visited a local public library and taught 15 kids (ages 6-13) the basics of Ozobots, how to solve logical puzzles, and the importance of collaborating with others.

After the workshop, the kids showed off their creations and newly gained skills to their parents and grandparents. Most the kids and parents were excited about how simple it is to code and some of the kids started thinking about becoming developers one day.


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