Prague Colleagues Learn How to Save Lives


Do you know what to do when someone is injured or even worse? We can proudly say that 84 Prague colleagues know what to do!

Eighty-four colleagues voluntarily signed up for the First Aid training organized at the Prague Hub in August. This training, by Czech organization ZDrSEM prioritized practice and experience above sitting in a meeting room and watching  videos. Of course, our Prague trainees spent some time in the meeting room to learn how to recognize a specific situation and what kind of help they should provide. While they were listening theoretic details, realistic simulations of injuries were being prepared – people passed out on the terrace, scalded by coffee in the kitchen, trapped in car in garage, and injured in car accident in front of the office. Fake blood was used to make the situation as realistic as possible. All of the participants had an opportunity to play the roles of the rescuer and the wounded.

Petr Matuska shared the following with his team, Agata and I just passed first aid training; and I can strongly recommend it. It is very practical and I believe helpful as well  you never know when you could use that to save someones life.

 It is great that we now have a number of people in our building who know what to do if something happens and how to provide first aid.

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