Riverview Building in Prague Officially Opened


On May 20, our Riverview building in Prague was officially opened with a press conference and ribbon cutting ceremony.

 The MSD IT Global Innovation Center was officially opened on May 20 and received a significant amount of attention from academia, state representatives, experts’ community and media. The morning press conference and ribbon cutting ceremony were closely observed by many of the MSD employees as well as MSD executives, U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic, government officials and Prague city representatives.

At the press conference, the Czech Deputy Minister of Health, U.S. Ambassador and Prague Counselor for Health welcomed MSD activities, in the Czech Republic, focused on exploring new ways to use information and technology in healthcare. They expressed also their hope for future results of Centre’s contributions to bringing new treatment to patients faster and efficiently. They stressed the importance of close cooperation of global health care companies with local academia as well.

“I want to congratulate everyone at the Prague hub. We had a strategy about one and a half years ago… the opening of the facility and the progress that has been made is substantial.” — Clark Golestani, Executive Vice-President, Chief Information Officer.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, press conference and a tour through the facility, all the guests, including top level scientists from Czech Universities, had a luncheon with the IT Leadership Team and discussed further collaboration opportunities evolving from Centre’s presence in the town with several large universities and scientific parks.

In the evening, over 70 distinguished personalities visited the recently completed building. VIP guests included Czech government officials, members of Parliament and Senators, rectors of universities, top level managers from healthcare and key scientific leaders. The event gave an unparalleled opportunity to get in touch and foster cooperation with the local community.

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