Summer Coding Academy for Kids


MSD believes that educating the next generation is our responsibility and privilege. To help make this vision a reality we started an education program called the Coding Academy for Kids where we teach children basics of coding and robotics. Most kids are fascinated by the opportunity to create their own games and a lot of them were even interested in becoming programmers in the future. The kids learned how to write commands and basic programs for Ozobots – robots that help children to develop logical and creative thinking. They used Scratch – a programming language for kids – to apply their creativity and create their own stories and games.

The academy members also were able to visit an orphanage in the town of Unhošť and teach the children there programming basics. These kids were taught using the volunteering hours MSD provides to our employees to work on projects and activities for non-profit organizations and communities. The session ended with a special lesson held at our MSD offices where the new coders could see how the software development teams at MSD work. By showing them around our offices and introducing them to our people, we hope to inspire and motivate them to pursue a career in programming.

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