Talks Hosted in Our Prague Hub


The DevOps Meetup was held at the Prague Hub and covered a variety of topics including SaltStack, Technical Debt, Qube-OS and Github.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to host the Last Day of Holiday Talks event, organized by Richard Fojta (under the umbrella of Prague DevOps Meetup), in our Riverview MSD offices Wednesday, August 31.

The main goal of organizing DevOps Meetups in Prague was to meet, share experiences, and learn how DevOps (Development and Operations) is implemented, used and what technology can support DevOps culture in various environments, either small or medium businesses, big enterprises or in individual projects and startups.
This time the main topic was SaltStack – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Ales Zoulek  shared his experience with SaltStack – an event-driven orchestration and automation software to support CloudOps, ITOps and DevOps cultures.

It was followed by some smaller and interesting talks:

  • Technical Debt – Pavel Selement described technical debt, how to measure it, and pay it off.
  • DevOps Toolschain in MSD – I (Miroslav Kralik) discussed the tools which we currently use, evaluate and plan to support the DevOps environment in our company.
  • Qube-OS – David Becvarik explained Qube-OS and the benefits of running your applications in lightweight VMs called qubes.
  • Github Tricks– Michal Bryxi shared useful examples to make daily life with Github easier and more efficient.


As a tradition, some of us moved to a nearby pub to continue with the socialization. We hope all participants enjoyed the event and we look for the next Meetup!


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Talks Hosted in Our Prague Hub

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