Teaching Software Quality to University Students


IT colleagues shared their real world experience with university students working towards a degree in information systems/technology.

During the week of February 1, the University of Economics in Prague hosted a lecturing team led by Michal Doležel and composed of Service Validation & Testing (SV&T) and Release Management Office collegues from Prague and Branchburg, US. Within the agreement framework between MSD and the University, the team organized a series of 13 lectures on the theory and practice of Software Quality Management and IT Release Management, as well as some emerging DevOps topics.

The practical tutorials focused on giving the 25 students a foundation in test automation using Robot Framework. Robot is an example of innovative keyword-driven test automation tool. In the last few months, this tool has been piloted by SV&T members within several co-located Agile development projects running in the MSD IT Global Innovation Center in Prague. The goal is to evaluate the above approach against more convential (code-centered) approaches, and thus solve complexity issues and improve related economical impact.

Michal Doležel, EMEA SV&T lead says, “We are excited that we had an opportunity to bring students new and interesting test  automation perspectives and valuable ‘test lessons from the trenches’. To be ’ready for the workplace’, students should be provided with as much real-world IT experience as possible. Prior to graduating with their information systems/technology degrees and entering the labor market, we can help them understand how IT is applied in a real business context. MSD presence at Czech universities also raises our company’s visibility and understanding of MSD as an important employer in Prague. Moreover, it presents our everyday work in an interesting and engaging way.”

Associate Professor Alena Buchalcevova, head of the IS Quality Research Group and Course Supervisor, adds, “We are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to strengthen our links with the IT industry and prepare students for real-world issues. Our overall goal is to teach an interesting mix of theory and practice of information systems topics and our partnership with MSD is helping us achieve this goal.”

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Teaching Software Quality to University Students

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