We hosted Girls Day Again


Every April there is the opportunity for young ladies to visit technical companies who participate in an event called Girls Day. This year on April 26 we opened our doors for the third time and hosted 12 ladies from different secondary schools.

Our day started with a presentation of our company followed by motivational talks by our female employees. Our colleagues shared their experiences and wanted to motivate all participants to study not just IT itself but in general do what they like.

After those talks we took secondary school ladies on a tour to show them not just our building but also present them several teams they might be interested in. The first stop was at User Experience (UX) team where participants could learn how the research was done and how important it was to ask correct questions. Then we stopped to listen to our colleague who introduced us how her day as a SW developer looked like. The last stop was dedicated to Machine Learning and their projects.

After lunch we prepared a coding workshop where ladies could learn how to program in the Ruby on Rails language by coding easy game.

The last section of the day was focused on creative problem solving. Ladies were advised what techniques can be used while solving problems and that is also really important to like your problems to be able to solve them.

To sum it up – our goal was to introduce our company and try to motivate those young ladies that to work for an IT company doesn´t always mean you need to be a programmer. We received a very positive feedback so in my opinion our mission was successfully accomplished!

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