We hosted the very first World Product Day


Over 60 cities around the globe gathered on May 23rd to celebrate the World Product Day. The event was hosted by us at our premises in Prague and it was streamed without a single tech hiccup.

This sessions’s topic examined Objectives & Key Results, or OKR’s. The discussion was lead by our world class panel that included product managers from startups, large companies, and enterprises and included:

  • Oldrich, Chief Business Officer at Storyous
  • Michael, Product Manager at Microsoft-Skype
  • Luis, Group Product Manager at MSD IT


The discussion was moderated by one of Product Tank’s co-organizers, Paolo Lacche. One thing that was discussed and agreed on by all of the panel participants was how the OKR framework allows to focus on what matters, and makes the substantial time invested in using it pay off.

This was the second time we’ve hosted a Product Tank event but it definitely won’t be the last! We look forward to the next community session where we’ll continue to learn about the best product management practices in the industry.








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We hosted the very first World Product Day
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