We Nurture Future Talents!


Recently we had some very special visitors to our IT Hub! Twelve children from the Prague orphanage came to learn a bit more about what we do in MSD.

First, they tried out the programmers role. They responded with enthusiasm when they had the chance to develop their own interactive stories, games, and animations using a language called Scratch. Then, they got to try out the roles of researcher, producer, and drug seller to see what it takes to develop new pills.

Why did we do it? We believe in giving back to the community and supporting the development of future talents! Someday they may be our leaders!

This feedback alone shows it was worth it:

“One boy asked whether he could work at MSD someday and what type of training and education would he need. Another asked whether he can join some regular Code academy classes. Another girl said she wants to become an R&D Auditor. All this is simply AMAZING! These kids lack the support and good role models from within their families, so the fact that we’ve stimulated these thoughts and ambitions in them is fantastic.”  Alena Zacharova, their English teacher.

This could not have happened without our great coaches! Thank you guys!

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