We Volunteered for Missing Maps Project


On Thursday 24 May, we had very first Mapathon at our premises. In cooperation with Doctors without Borders, we participated in a project called Missing Maps which helps to map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people.

30 of our colleagues volunteered their time for good cause and helped to trace and draw places which were literary missing on any maps. They mapped the areas of Makanza and South-East of Iboko in Democratic Republic of the Congo. By using satellite imagery, they drew residential areas, waterways, islands or roads directly into the map. Thanks to this Mapathon, the areas of Makanza and South-East of Iboko are now mapped!

The outcome was immediate and our volunteers saw the effect of their work in few minutes. In addition, our colleagues can use the mapping skills gained during Mapathon for mapping areas in their free time or within volunteering hours. Feedback for this pilot mapping session was super positive.

 “I really liked the activity and the fact that it has direct beneficial impact almost immediately.”

 “It was awesome experience and I will definitely continue mapping. It is a great way to help other people.”

Based on these reactions, we will definitely organize another Mapathon in the near future. Together we will draw other areas so that they are not missing any more!

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