Web API Open House


For the first time ever, the Web API Team at MSD went public; sharing the experience of how we architect, design, secure, code, groom, feed and water our APIs in a highly regulated environment.

Since the team was created, it was challenged by a little detail; in the Pharma business “API” means something totally different. “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” are clearly not the same as our wonderful API (Application Programming Interface) in our colleagues minds and that has been not only a challenge from the technical perspective but from the marketing, evangelization, documentation, and support perspectives as well.

One of the APIs success stories is this site itself. Which, thanks to an API, adapted to current market and business requirements while “keeping the lights on” with the previously validated solutions.

We had an exceptional and energetic audience, great food and awesome workshops about API management, our tools and best practices.

We hope that now people won’t still think that API means: “Alien Puppy Invasion”

See you next time!





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