WordCamp Prague 2017 introduced UX and analytics


On 18th February 2017 the annual conference of open-source content management system WordPress, WordCamp Prague 2017, was held in the presmises of University of Economics in Prague. The part of the programme, in addition to the presentations of fourteen Czech experts, was as well a workshop led by Jakub Rafaj, Lukáš Teplý and Miloš Kriššák from MSD IT who taught thirty participants the basics of User experience (UX) and Google Analytics.

The introduction to the workshop ‘Of measuring and men’ was led by Jakub Rafaj, Senior UX designer in MSD IT, who explained the fundamentals of design thinking to the participants of WordCamp Prague 2017. During the first part of the workshop they learned to develop their user stories that can help them to specify better a success or failure of the products. The term ‘user story’ is used in software development for defining the basic user needs. In the second part of the workshop the participants, under the leadership of digital analysts Lukáš Teplý and Miloš Kriššák, learned a basic implementation of Google Analytics with a WordPress plug-in to measure user behavior, along with how to aquire data corresponding to the specific business or technical questions. The final part of the workshop was dedicated to the actual analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

Currently, there is a growing importance of analytics because by analysis of collected data it can be identifiedwhether a web-based system or application truly reflects the needs of the user, furthermore, it can show possible opportunities for improvement.
‘ What can be measured can be also effectively changed,‘ – Lukáš Teplý

MSD IT and the University of Economics in Prague are the active promoters of an open-source system WordPress. The school promotes the use of this platform through its business accelerator xPORT where have been developed WordPress-based websites for the student magazine iList (ilist.cz), Prague public universities Fair (pvvs.vse.cz) and the conference Startups & Production (startupyavyroba.cz). The successful cooperation with xPORT has given the opportunity to various WordPress projects in MSD IT as well, for example SDLC and Media project.

WordCamp is a conference designed for the fans, users and developers of WordPress. This year participants could see the main program presentations of fourteen Czech experts. A new feature this year was a continuation of the conference by WordPress community event called ‘Contributing Day’ , which was held the following day on the premises of MSD IT at Smichov with registration open to every participant. The main topics of Contributing Day was organization of local conferences and translations of WordPress.

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WordCamp Prague 2017 introduced UX and analytics
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