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Today, we are building a new kind of healthcare company – one that is ready to help create a healthier future for all of us. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork.

Cloud is very important part of our infrastructure used on daily base.

What We Do in Cloud

Almost all new projects developed in Prague are tailored from beginning to run on scalable cloud infrastructure. Thanks to that we can shorten development and deployment cycle of our applications. Our team is working on infrastructure automation and we are testing new services. Mandatory part of our job is to educate our colleagues how to use Cloud technologies in proper way.

Jiri Pihik

Cloud, Cloud Specialist

About Me

A requirement of my role in MSD is a passion for never-ending innovation and continuous improvement. I am driven by identifying new and better ways to work. I have a strong background in enterprise technology and Cloud integration. While working with different teams across the company, I focus on high effectivity, security, and the modern ways of cloud computing. I believe that improvement is more important than just “doing.” The IT revolution is currently happening. Now´s the time to join!


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