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Today, we are building a new kind of healthcare company – one that is ready to help create a healthier future for all of us. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork.

From data to prediction and understanding.

What We Do in Data Science Competency

We are surrounded by data from our own experiments and clinical trials, data from our manufacturing processes, data on the effects of treatments in the real world, and data on how we are performing as a business. We collaborate with analytical and research colleagues across MSD to make sense of those data. Our work includes data management, traditional descriptive analytics and dashboarding to make information visible to the people who need it to make decisions; data mining and statistical modeling to find important patterns in data; and mathematical modeling to understand how disease develops, and how potential treatments might affect the course of disease. We strive to embed analytics and modeling into the way the company works, in order to speed the delivery of new treatments to patients who need them and improve the company's financial performance.

Viktor Popovic

Data Science Competency, Business/Tech. Analysis Assoc. Spclst

About Me

I joined MSD during my university studies. I became part of a very talented and dynamic team with many great colleagues to learn from. It is a valuable experience to work in such a diverse environment that MSD can offer.


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